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5. December 2023

The Congress Convenes In

Register a Group

  1. The group leader organizes a group of at least 6 people (24 for Poland) plus himself.
  2. Collects all the needed information from the members of his group and checks it.
  3. Fills in the group registration formula.
  4. Collects all the registration formulas and sends them to our office or what is more preferable, inputs all the data through the web below. The dead line is April 15, 2007.
  5. Collects the congress fees and transfers the money to the organizers. The entrance cards for the members of the group will be issued after the payment is complete.
  6. A group has to consist of people from countries that have the same fee category.
  7. The ID badge (the entrance cards) will be sent to the leader of the group, who is responsible for giving them to the members of the group.
  8. The group leader represents the members of the group and has the right of way when in a queue to the reception.
  9. The The leader of 6 (24 for Poland) additional participants is entitled to a discount when paying his one congress fee.
  10. For a The leader of 6 (24 for Poland) additional participants there is no congress fee.
  11. The group leader is responsible for the accommodation of the group, unless the group decides otherwise.
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Abp Kazimierz Majdanski

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