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5. December 2023

The Congress Convenes In

Commemorative Medals

On May 11-13, 2007, the World Congress of Families IV was held in Warsaw Poland. It gathered about three thousand nine hundred participants, including three thousand three hundred registered representatives from 64 countries of the world. One hundred fifty speakers spoke in five halls and were all translated simultaneously into 6 languages. There were 140 journalists accredited. In the exhibit area, over fifty organizations were present.
To commemorate this important international event a special medal designed by Jacek Mazela from Mazela Centrum Grawerskie was minted.

Medal description:
The medal is round with a diameter of 55 mm. On the front side in the central area the logo of the world congress is placed – a family holding hands with the world globe as background. Around the logo, these words are inscribed: (Polish) "IV ¦WIATOWY KONGRES RODZIN * 11 - 13 Maja 2007 Warszawa” or (English) “WORLD CONGRESS OF FAMILIES IV * May 11 - 13, 2007 * Warsaw, Poland”. On the reverse side the word “family” was placed in many languages and the motto of the Congress in Polish and English: PRZYSZŁO¦Ć LUDZKO¦CI IDZIE POPRZEZ RODZINĘ (THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY PASSES BY WAY OF THE FAMILY).

Only 21 silver numbered medals were minted:
- 10 Polish language version marked with the symbols from “IV ¦KR 01 Ag” to “IV ¦KR 10 Ag” and the Polish Hallmark.
- 11 English language version marked with the symbols from “IV WFC 01 Ag” to “IV WFC 11 Ag” and the Polish Hallmark.

Also bronze silver plated numbered medals were minted:
- 10 Polish language version marked with the symbols from “IV ¦KR 01” to “IV ¦KR 10”.
- 85 English language version marked with the symbols from “IV WFC 01” to “IV WFC 85”.

An additional 200 bronze non-numbered medals were minted for WCFIV speakers and VIPs. For sale among the participants, 208 non-numbered copper silver plated medals were prepared.

1.IV ¦KR 01 AgCertificate not issued
2.IV ¦KR 02 AgCertificate not issued
3.IV ¦KR 03 AgCertificate not issued
4.IV ¦KR 04 AgCertificate not issued
5.IV ¦KR 05 AgCertificate not issued
6.IV ¦KR 06 AgCertificate not issued
7.IV ¦KR 07 AgCertificate not issued
8.IV ¦KR 08 AgCertificate not issued
9.IV ¦KR 09 AgCertificate not issued
10.IV ¦KR 10 AgCertificate not issued
11.IV WFC 01 AgCertificate not issued
12.IV WFC 02 AgChristineVollmer
13.IV WFC 03 AgCarl Anderson
14.IV WFC 04 AgCertificate not issued
15.IV WFC 05 AgCertificate not issued
16.IV WFC 06 AgYelena Mizulina
17.IV WFC 07 AgJim Daly
18.IV WFC 08 AgNatalia Jakunina
19.IV WFC 09 AgCertificate not issued
20.IV WFC 10 AgCertificate not issued
21.IV WFC 11 AgCertificate not issued
22.IV ¦KR 01Certificate not issued
23.IV ¦KR 02Certificate not issued
24.IV ¦KR 03Certificate not issued
25.IV ¦KR 04Certificate not issued
26.IV ¦KR 05Certificate not issued
27.IV ¦KR 06Certificate not issued
28.IV ¦KR 07Certificate not issued
29.IV ¦KR 08Certificate not issued
30.IV ¦KR 09Ks. dr Zdzisław Struzik
31.IV ¦KR 10Ewa Kamińska
32.IV WFC 01Paweł Wosicki
33.IV WFC 02Certificate not issued
34.IV WFC 03Certificate not issued
35.IV WFC 04Certificate not issued
36.IV WFC 05Certificate not issued
37.IV WFC 06Certificate not issued
38.IV WFC 07Certificate not issued
39.IV WFC 08Certificate not issued
40.IV WFC 09Certificate not issued
41.IV WFC 10Certificate not issued
42.IV WFC 11Certificate not issued
43.IV WFC 12Piotr Kapela
44.IV WFC 13Certificate not issued
45.IV WFC 14Jacek Silski
46.IV WFC 15Certificate not issued
47.IV WFC 16Leszek Kędziorski
48.IV WFC 17Certificate not issued
49.IV WFC 18FR. Maxim Obukhov
50.IV WFC 19Certificate not issued
51.IV WFC 20Fr. Alexey Tarasov
52.IV WFC 21Certificate not issued
53.IV WFC 22o. Bronisław Staworowski OFMConv.
54.IV WFC 23Certificate not issued
55.IV WFC 24Ks. Piotr Wencel
56.IV WFC 25Certificate not issued
57.IV WFC 26Certificate not issued
58.IV WFC 27Certificate not issued
59.IV WFC 28Certificate not issued
60.IV WFC 29Certificate not issued
61.IV WFC 30Henryk Glugla
62.IV WFC 31Certificate not issued
63.IV WFC 32Certificate not issued
64.IV WFC 33Certificate not issued
65.IV WFC 34Certificate not issued
66.IV WFC 35Certificate not issued
67.IV WFC 36Certificate not issued
68.IV WFC 37Certificate not issued
69.IV WFC 38Certificate not issued
70.IV WFC 39Certificate not issued
71.IV WFC 40Certificate not issued
72.IV WFC 41Certificate not issued
73.IV WFC 42Certificate not issued
74.IV WFC 43Certificate not issued
75.IV WFC 44Certificate not issued
76.IV WFC 45Certificate not issued
77.IV WFC 46Renata Godek
78.IV WFC 47Certificate not issued
79.IV WFC 48Anna Szczęsna
80.IV WFC 49Certificate not issued
81.IV WFC 50Jerzy Szwejkowski
82.IV WFC 51Certificate not issued
83.IV WFC 52Certificate not issued
84.IV WFC 53Certificate not issued
85.IV WFC 54Certificate not issued
86.IV WFC 55Certificate not issued
87.IV WFC 56Certificate not issued
88.IV WFC 57Certificate not issued
89.IV WFC 58Certificate not issued
90.IV WFC 59Certificate not issued
91.IV WFC 60Certificate not issued
92.IV WFC 61Certificate not issued
93.IV WFC 62Certificate not issued
94.IV WFC 63Certificate not issued
95.IV WFC 64Certificate not issued
96.IV WFC 65Certificate not issued
97.IV WFC 66Certificate not issued
98.IV WFC 67Certificate not issued
99.IV WFC 68Certificate not issued
100.IV WFC 69Certificate not issued
101.IV WFC 70Certificate not issued
102.IV WFC 71Certificate not issued
103.IV WFC 72Certificate not issued
104.IV WFC 73Certificate not issued
105.IV WFC 74Certificate not issued
106.IV WFC 75Certificate not issued
107.IV WFC 76Certificate not issued
108.IV WFC 77Certificate not issued
109.IV WFC 78Certificate not issued
110.IV WFC 79Certificate not issued
111.IV WFC 80Certificate not issued
112.IV WFC 81Certificate not issued
113.IV WFC 82Certificate not issued
114.IV WFC 83Certificate not issued
115.IV WFC 84Certificate not issued
116.IV WFC 85Certificate not issued


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Abp Kazimierz Majdanski

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